R U L E R S   O F   E V I L



Useful Knowledge About Governing Bodies

HarperCollins Edition, 2001. Hardcover.




Useful Knowledge About Governing Bodies

F. Tupper Saussy, Ospray Bookmakers, 1999. Hardcover, 324 pages, with illustrations.




"You need to get the book RULERS OF EVIL by Tupper Saussy. This guy has done his homework. The point I'm making is this guy has done extraordinary work on the founding of this country...what really happened. He's the guy that, as far as I'm concerned, has nailed this history down."

~Jordan Maxwell


"If HarperCollins had really understood what a publishing event they had on their hands when they brought out this book, it might have been a best seller by now.

"Tupper Saussy has given us all a lesson in what real history writing is all about—and such lessons are hard to come by. Saussy firmly establishes, once and for all, how deep the plannings of societal takeovers can go.

"In my 20 years as a reporter, I have read many books that provided useful information, but I have read only a few that showed me how to sift great amounts of information to arrive at a platform from which I could continue to understand isolated facts. RULERS OF EVIL is one of the few.

"Let me put it this way: Reading RULERS OF EVIL is four years of post-graduate work at a university that should, but does not exist."

~ Jon Rappoport, NoMoreFakeNews.com



"It is difficult to restrain the enthusiasm which RULERS OF EVIL engenders in the reader. Saussy gives us the essential knowledge for which we have been waiting these last six thousand years."

~ Eustace Mullins



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